Villa Amina: like a mirage

The owner gave us free rein to create a spectacular dream villa with a luxurious lifestyle in the heart of the Palmeraie. Once you pass the gate of this modern palace of 1300 M2, you are trapped in a gold cage having absolutely all you need: indoor pool, outdoor pool, massage, hammam, sauna, hair salon, cinema, banquet hall, ….and a personal service of excellence. The garden is designed to accentuate this sensation with magnificent views at each corner of the house. The perspectives are staged to incorporate architecture, landscape, and water ponds in a subtle alchemy. The living room is an island surrounded by the water, with the garden invited inside thanks to internal patios. The interior design by the talented Philippe Forrestier is inspired by the Moroccan architecture, mixing African styles and unique masterpieces. The living room’s rug is handmade by craftsmen located in the heart of the Atlas Mountains. It is 20 M long, and in the process of manufacture 4 looms were broken.

Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Year: 2021
Land size: 1 hectare
Built: 1340M2
Design Architect: Isabelle Cornet et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Project Architect: Lorenzo Buscaglia
Interior Designer: Philippe Forrestier
Landscape Designer: Valentina Iori
Photography : Marc Lacroix