Osmooz Architects began its creative story 30 years ago, when Isabelle and Lorenzo met at the faculty of architecture of the University of Liege (Belgium). Their early projects reflected the architecture in Belgium, Italy, Spain, Australia, Papua New-Guinea, and Morocco. Working with stars of Australian architecture like Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT studio) and Luigi Rosselli Architects (one of the most prestigious architects in Sydney) was for Isabelle a chance to work on large-scale projects and to explore the quintessence of Australian luxury within forms, materials, and colors. Being the director of the internationally renowned Studio KO Marrakech for 5 years gave to Lorenzo the opportunity to collaborate with his mentors, the starchitects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty. Architecture makes a part of our Italian family’s legacy: Lorenzo inherited the love of architecture from his father Salvatore. Isabelle and Lorenzo now transmit their passion to the third generation with their son Vladimir. Nicolas Thevenot has been working with Osmooz for more than a decade. Autodidact, after a successful career in finance, he has been capable of associating his talents of economist with his passion for architecture and design. He is the director of the Marrakech agency.


Our creations are inspired by the traditional architecture of the region in which they are located, revisited in a contemporary style. In Australia, we are inspired by the lifestyle of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia vernacular architecture (Indonesia, Philippines, Pacific Islands), by the influences of the aboriginal culture and the British colonial architecture. In North Africa, we have been influenced by the Berber, Muslim, and the French colonial architecture. We conceive a minimalist architecture, finding our inspirations in the Mediterranean, in South-east Asia, and in the South Pacific architecture which is rich ancestral culture. Each creation is a unique creation, an ode to travel, which encompasses the cultural footprint of the site, the forms and colors of the landscape, the architecture, the interior design and a sensorial experience. The interior design includes the extensive use of regional arts and antiques, to highlight its origins. Our work is characterized by a strong preference for the ancestral materials (rammed earth, wood, leather, stones, bamboo …). Each building must integrate the site and reflect the natural and cultural environment in which it is nestled. Our team is united and motivated by a holistic approach erasing the boundaries between the different disciplines to design exceptional pieces of architecture which create the harmony between forms, functions, landscape, natural materials with fastidious attention to detail.


Osmooz creates a path from outside to inside throughout the gardens, giving a unique experience, a sense of generosity and harmony, where elegance is always found. This comes from understanding the client’s needs, being in osmosis with him. We have a large spectrum of work capabilities and approaches from creating simple furniture to high-end villas, multi-residential units, hotels, shops, heritage buildings, sophisticated new buildings. The quality of light, the focus on perspectives, natural materials, the colors …. All these elements are molded and blended together.


Osmooz Architects has been focused on sustainability from the very beginning. We favor the use of natural and local materials as we establish the survey of different techniques to produce a building that is energy efficient. Building a sustainable construction begins with rational and passive design of the architecture according to the natural environment that surrounds it. Long term sustainability means controlling orientation: the climate, the sun, the prevailing winds and the topography. The disposition of the openings creates natural and crossed ventilation of the building. The use of local natural materials for the walls (rammed earth, stone, clay bricks,…) gives to the building an important thermal inertia, that is why we prefer rammed earth construction (adobe, CEB, …) which allies the best thermal performances with a lower carbon footprint. The insulation (with natural materials) contributes to a reduction of the energy needs and an increase wellbeing. We are focused on low-cost energy technology like solar, heat pump, adiabatic air conditioning, low energy devices to reduce the energy consumption without making any compromise about comfort. And to conclude, the use of natural and local materials reduces the carbon footprint of the building. Sustainability ensures the sanity of the building for human health.


Lorenzo Buscaglia


Experienced architect for 25 years, he has been running with his partner Isabelle the boutique architectural studio Osmooz since 2007. Being the director of the internationally renowned Studio KO Marrakech for 5 years gave him the opportunity to collaborate with his mentors, the architects Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty.

Isabelle Cornet-Buscaglia


She is a Australian registered architect. She has been running her own international firm Osmooz for 15 years. In the meantime, she has worked in Sydney for FJMT (2 years) and Luigi Rosselli (3 years) in Sydney before establishing her boutique architecture studio in Brisbane in Queensland.

Nicolas Thevenot


Autodidact, after a successful career in finance, he has been capable of associating his talents of economist with his passion for architecture and design. He is the director of the Marrakech agency.


Pictures of our projects regularly feature in books and magazines and we are proud they are taking center stage! but osmooz also writes books... "Li et les sphères, un voyage au pays de l'architecture", written in collaboration with Anne Norman, is now available in bookshops.