This magnificent villa of 1500 M2 is situated in the Palmeraie was commissioned by a developer. The brief was to have a contemporary house mixed with Arabo-Andalusian style. It is a difficult matter to mix these different styles. To fulfill with this request, we decided to design a patio at the entrance of the villa in a pure Arabo-Andalusian style, to remain the cultural backgrounds of the site. We developed for the architectural language of the building a contemporary style. Because of its location, it establishes a constant reminder of the place in which we are, without being dominated by the modern architecture. The spa is also treated with Arabic architecture using traditional techniques (traditional volt, handmade Zelijs) giving an experience of the 1001 nights. The water, thanks to use of different basins, is omnipresent in the villa like a mirage. The commercial success was immediate.

Location: Palmeraie, Marrakech, Morocco
Year: 2020
Land size: 1 hectare
Built: 1520 M2
Design Architect: Isabelle et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Project Architect: Lorenzo Buscaglia
Interior Designer:
Landscape Designer: Valentina Iori
Photography : Marc Lacroix