Villa LT

In the old medina (historic city), the ryads (traditional courtyard house) unveil their magnificence, once passed the entrance but remain opaque for the passersby, to preserve its intimacy. We wanted to make a tribute to this immaterial heritage of the Muslim culture for our first high-end villa. The north side of the villa remains mysterious, almost mystic with a mineral garden inspired by the desert, a cyclopean dry-stone wall. We worked on the contrast between a desertic garden at the entrance of the property and a green garden oriented south with large sliding doors, that perfectly frame the Atlas Mountains it overlooks. The owner passionate for art, ordered customized installations for his house: the flowers on the ceilings, the carved tree on the wall of the living room, the orange line with its optical illusion in the stairs. At night, the lights work also on the contrasts to transform the Zen ambient of the day, by a rich pictorial mise en abime of the monumentalism of the architectonic elements like the cyclopean wall, the basin or the entrance bridge.

Location: Bab Atlas, Marrakech, Morocco
Year: 2008
Land size: 1 hectare
Built: 1047 M2
Design Architect: Isabelle Cornet et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Project Architect: Isabelle Buscaglia
Interior Designer: Isabelle Cornet et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Landscape Designer: Interscenes, Jerome Dumas
Photography : Yousssef Ait Bouskri