Nestled in an authentic village in the countryside of Marrakech, this modest traditional Berber house built in rammed earth has been revisited to create a modern Berber house, keeping its authenticity. The challenge for this project was to create a house for a European standard of living, being at the same time Moroccan and contemporary without being ostentatious. The plunge pool is located at the top to take advantage of the sun and surrounded by walls to protect the decency of the Muslim neighbors. We used exclusively natural materials (rammed earth) for the walls and traditional techniques in eucalyptus tree for the ceilings. The internal walls are made with tadelakt (ancestral lime rendering), the joinery in local cedar is inspired by the traditional pivot door (rtaj). The floors use the Moroccan terracotta pavement (bejmat), cement tiles and traditional lime s slab (dess).

Location: Tagadirt, Marrakech, Morocco
Year: 2006
Land size: 232M2
Built: 139 M2
Design Architect: Isabelle Cornet et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Project Architect: Isabelle Cornet et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Interior Designer: Isabelle et Lorenzo Buscaglia
Landscape Designer:
Photography : Youssef Ait Bouskri