A submarine-like pod floating on a giant pedestal, Bluub is an unusual mobile classroom: a space to help young children learn about architecture, cities, and planning. The tiny, cocooned space somehow incorporates a projection room, music, laboratory, and teaching areas. It has its own water supply and toilets, and the fun interior is designed to get kids thinking about the towns and cities of the future. Scrambling up into Bluub by ladder, children can view their townscape through portholes and a giant, cyclopean glass window and are given a new perspective to the environment. Discussion on what makes an ideal town and games about mobility, housing, and energy supply help children to reflect on the urban environment. At 24 square meters in area, the structure is made of polyester resin, insulated with polystyrene, and has a scarlet steel outer shell. The pedestal is made of concrete and steel to ensure stability. A simple kit of parts, it weighs 5 tonnes, and can be transported to new locations by truck, needing just two hours for assembly.

Location: Belgique
Year: 2010
Land size:
Built: 24M2
Design Architect: Ines Camacho and Isabelle Cornet
Project Architect:
Interior Designer:
Landscape Designer:
Photography :