Osmooz Architects has been focused on sustainability from the very beginning. We favor the use of natural and local materials as we establish the survey of different techniques to produce a building that is energy efficient. Building a sustainable construction begins with rational and passive design of the architecture according to the natural environment that surrounds it. Long term sustainability means controlling orientation: the climate, the sun, the prevailing winds and the topography. The disposition of the openings creates natural and crossed ventilation of the building. The use of local natural materials for the walls (rammed earth, stone, clay bricks,…) gives to the building an important thermal inertia, that is why we prefer rammed earth construction (adobe, CEB, …) which allies the best thermal performances with a lower carbon footprint. The insulation (with natural materials) contributes to a reduction of the energy needs and an increase wellbeing. We are focused on low-cost energy technology like solar, heat pump, adiabatic air conditioning, low energy devices to reduce the energy consumption without making any compromise about comfort. And to conclude, the use of natural and local materials reduces the carbon footprint of the building. Sustainability ensures the sanity of the building for human health.

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