Our creations are inspired by the traditional architecture of the region in which they are located, revisited in a contemporary style. In Australia, we are inspired by the lifestyle of the South Pacific and Southeast Asia vernacular architecture (Indonesia, Philippines, Pacific Islands), by the influences of the aboriginal culture and the British colonial architecture. In North Africa, we have been influenced by the Berber, Muslim, and the French colonial architecture. We conceive a minimalist architecture, finding our inspirations in the Mediterranean, in South-east Asia, and in the South Pacific architecture which is rich ancestral culture. Each creation is a unique creation, an ode to travel, which encompasses the cultural footprint of the site, the forms and colors of the landscape, the architecture, the interior design and a sensorial experience. The interior design includes the extensive use of regional arts and antiques, to highlight its origins. Our work is characterized by a strong preference for the ancestral materials (rammed earth, wood, leather, stones, bamboo …). Each building must integrate the site and reflect the natural and cultural environment in which it is nestled. Our team is united and motivated by a holistic approach erasing the boundaries between the different disciplines to design exceptional pieces of architecture which create the harmony between forms, functions, landscape, natural materials with fastidious attention to detail.

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